Friday, September 5, 2008

The second most impolite conversation topic, part deux

AHB III will tastefully avoid the most impolite conversation topic, at least until he succumbs to temptation. But idle chatter concerning the second most impolite topic continues full-throatedly or perhaps, more accurately, deep- throatedly. For your delectation, this quite useful index of Rutgers salaries, thanks to one of my informants. AHB's first reaction: he will apply for any job, in any field, at Rutgers.

Any additions to my small but splendid data base are most welcome. Just add them to the comments section below.


PhDinHistory said...

A method for estimating faculty salaries in history is described on the jobs wiki.

Anonymous said...

Database for the UC system:

ivy librarian said...

University of Michigan Ann Arbor data (in an excel spreadsheet, very easy to sort by department):

Anonymous said...

Salaries for public employees in the state of Iowa can be found here:

Scroll down to salaries, enter the last name of the individual and pick out the university and county.

Ortho said...

Dear Sir,

You can find salaries of SUNY employees here:

1) Click on the year
2) Select SUNY in the "Agency" Section
3) Select specific SUNY campus from the "SubAgency" Section

Anonymous said...

NC University Salary Database for 2006-2007:

Ambrose Hofstader Bierce III said...

AHB is greatly indebted to his fellow snoops for this information. He has long been skeptical of the fallacy of the distinction between public and private and welcomes these efforts to shed light on the dark corners of academe.

Anonymous said...

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