Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The second most impolite conversation topic

Professor Bierce rather loathes the now old-fashioned tendency to reduce the culture and meaning of the past to mere statistics. He's quite pleased that ideas, culture, representation, and discourse have supplanted those tables that make us all glaze over. He is no cliometrician. But he does know that statistics can sometimes be useful. The American Historical Association recently produced a dry as dust report on history faculty salaries. Read it if you must. The good news: they are going up. The bad news: they aren't very good. History faculty at public universities earned an average of $61,062. Their private university counterparts made a whopping two grand more: $63,281. Wait a minute, why did we join this profession again? Oh, yes, our love of History.

You won't hear our colleagues crowing about their salaries over their microbrews at the AHA. But you can make some good guesses by watching who hops in the taxi for dinner and who schleps over to the fast food joint around the corner. But, oh!, such imprecision.

Fortunately, there are two sites that you can visit and get the full dish on at least some of our colleagues' salaries. Clio Be Blessed for state disclosure laws in Michigan and Virginia. Here's what you've always wanted to know but could never ask. I'll leave it up to you number crunchers to come up with the top ten. Click away--but please wash your hands afterward!

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Anonymous said...

You can find faculty salaries for the CSU and UC systems at the Sacramento Bee website -- they have a database of state employee salaries.